Thursday, February 26, 2009

A new blog

Welcome! A new blog to document our experiences learning and using Toonboom's new ANIMATE animation software.

We were first introduced to Toonboom's products back in June 2006, and attended a training session organized by Joel Kuwahara of Film Roman. It was a two-week part-time course and we touched lightly upon every feature of Toonboom SOLO (which then became DIGITAL PRO).

We were impressed with Toonboom SOLO but we didn't make the switch from Flash to Toonboom at the time because we had already started production on an animated feature (Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre) using Flash. What an experience that was, and it pushed us towards finding a more reliable all-inclusive animator-friendly program to serve our needs...

This year we are making the big switch. ANIMATE appears to be a more streamlined, lighter, simpler and cleaner version of DIGITAL PRO. It is also more affordably, in the same price range as FLASH. Much easier to use, less clunky. Yes, there is a learning curve when switching from Flash - both thrilling and frustrating but ultimately, rewarding. This blog is a place to record and share parts of our working process. Feel free to leave comments with your experiences, questions and answers!



  1. I'm so glad you two started this new sight. Fwak! actually inspired me about 5 years ago to believe I could do legitimate animations of my own in Flash. I've watched both Mucha Lucha DVDs frame by frame so many times I couldn't count. Now I've heard so many great things about Toon Boom Animate, but I keep thinking that making the shift is going to be so daunting. Seeing it in action helps, though. Good stuff.

  2. I've also just made the switch over from Flash to Toon Boom after seeing your animations and reading up on the product.

    I will be reading your blog from the very beginning to the current entry.