Saturday, February 28, 2009

Storyboard Pro: Exporting to Quicktime + UPDATE

Rocquita Animatic - Scene 14 from Eddie Mort on Vimeo.

UPDATE: After tests on the animatic on different computers at Toonboom and here, the conclusion was reached that the problem lay with my computer, and not Storyboard Pro. Oops. Lili was able to export the 100+ scenes with sound in a matter of minutes. -Eddie

I published this Quicktime to test Storyboard Pro's 'Export Movie' capabilities. Despite using the lowest picture/audio settings this scene still took 48 1/2 minutes to export to Quicktime! That's right - over 48 minutes to render a 3-second scene. With a 10-minute animatic to export, I am understandably freaking out over how long this will take.

[Waiting for reply from Toonboom Support]

Anyone else created an animatic (with sound)? What was your rendering time?

Also: I'm not real happy with the intrusive display - I.E. scene number, running time etc. I'm not sure why it has been devised to appear over the visuals, rather than in the top corner. Yes, you do have the option to forego this at export stage, but this information is necessary if you are working on a studio production.

UPDATE: We discovered that we could SUCCESSFULLY render the animatic on my PC (it was pretty fast), so the rendering problem was with Eddie's PC. We're not sure why, if it's a processor speed thing or something else...

10 minutes of animatic (with dialog wav files, but no music and no camera moves yet) took about 5 minutes to render.


  1. 48 minutes? its amazing long time,i dont use the toonboom storyboard, but i thinkitsmust be an error of exporting or something like that couse its extremely ridiculus waste of time for use it in a production, im still doing soryboard in paper like the old days :)

  2. You can change the location and the look of the overlay info (TC, Scene #, ...) in the preferences panel, under the export tab.

  3. That's good to know - thanks