Monday, March 2, 2009

JOE 101 - contd.

Joe 101: Rigged

I have so far, created a 5 point turnaround for our Joe 101 character (will add more poses later). All the body parts are Symbols - indicated by the blue-colored film-strip-style frames. Here is a short video of the turn:

Simple turnaround/Character rigging in ToonBoom Animate

And then, a simple walk:

Joe 101:  3/4 WALK


  1. how do you create your turnarounds?
    is the head always connected to the body?
    i’m just wondering if it isn’t more clever to keep the body and the head as different symbols connected by a master peg ...
    you know what i mean?
    if you want to turn the body, but keep the head facing to the camera, for example ...

  2. leBeat - The head is a separate symbol from the body.

  3. thanks.
    thats how i did it and i was just curious ...