Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keyboard shortcuts and Sticky Keys

Sticky Keys! This is a cool timesaver tip that I learned from Eric K. Thanks, Eric!

Some common ANIMATE Drawing Tool shortcuts:

Brush - Alt + B
Contour Editor - Alt + A
Select - Alt + V
Cutter - Alt + T
Line - Alt + N
Paint - Alt + K
Pencil - Alt + Y
Zoom - Alt + Z
Transform (Animation) - Alt + Q

When you press down a key, the tool temporarily changes to whichever tool you want represented by that key. When you de-press the key, it changes back to the original tool. Examples:

I toggle between my default BRUSH (Alt + B) and hold down A for Contour Editing and V for moving/scaling.

I toggle between my default PAINT (Alt + K) and hold down I for selecting colors from the screen


  1. great blog big thanks.
    yep cool things that animate gives you i'll add little something that is a must for me this toggle shourt cut :
    Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A
    will enable or disable the Real-Time Antialiasing
    this is huge there also an option in the preference panel called Render at this Factor Times the Scene Resolution: this is may be 1 or two this represent the quality of the zooming for example if u zoom at 600% make this factor 7 or 8 then when u enable the Real-Time Antialiasing and zooming at 600% the drawing WILL NOT PIXLIZED Amazing but take much memory
    this things are so helpful when u drawing .

    hope u find it good .

  2. SoSo - thanks for the shortcut. This helps! I have my Anti-Aliasing Render factor set to 10 but sometimes I zoom in really close and there is still some pixellation. These days I have the Anti-Aliasing turned off most of the time.

  3. Hey Lili,

    Michael Dunn here. How's things? I love your blog! I'm just trying out the PLE version at the moment.

    But this sticky key concept isn't consistent.

    For example if using the brush tool (Alt + B) you can't access the pencil tool by holding down Y or the line tool N.

    Plus if using the pencil tool (Alt + Y) you can access the brush tool by pressing B but can't access the line tool with N.

    Are these just bugs in the PLE version or is this meant to be?

    Keep up the excellent work!!

    Mic xo

  4. i got a question

    how can i get the settings back to normal (default), simply the way they were from the beginning

  5. can you create a shorcut for "remove contour stroke" and "remove extra stroke" ?