Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Multiplane BG set up

This is a BG from our ROCQUITA pilot. Here Eddie demonstrates using the Top View to place different BG elements at varying the distances from the Camera.

Sorry, this video cuts off before we could finish because I ran out of memory on the camera SD card! But I think you get the idea... :)


  1. cool nice design .and thanks for your Blog very helpful.

    as you mention 3d view i don't have any idea why they have do this function with no value ?!!

    i mean why there is 3d view without the ability to rotate the camera in the y axis(the result is the same in camera view) like adobe after Effect which give me the real perspective of any drawing ..

    don't mind just some ideas floating in my head

  2. The 3D (Perspective) view is useful when doing more precise Z movements. Just go into Perspective view and then select a layer and in the Layer Properties pallette adjust the Z by using the up-down triangle widget that's to the right of the text/number entry box.

    So my workflow is like this: first use the Top (or side) view to get the layers generally where I want them to be and then go to the perspective view to make any fine-tuning and/or corrections. In the Perspective view I can clearly see which layer is selected and by adjusting the properties in the Layer Properties palette, I'm only changing the layer that I want to move. So there's no "darn I moved the daisies when I wanted to move the milkweeds!" moments in the perpsective view.

    Would be nice if there was a "move in Z-axis" tool that could be used in Perpsective.

  3. I agree! It would be nice if we could move things on the Z-axis in Perspective view!

  4. SoSo - re: rotating the camera on Y-Axis... well, I guess it doesn't make sense to do so because the drawings are essentially "flat"...

    I think it's pretty cool as it is that we can create an illusion of 3D with 2D drawings.

    Am I missing something?

  5. Lili -
    i mean to produce the Anime style "not particularly" you must use this feature which give you the little bit perspective of your flat drawing at the same time with movement of the camera do u get it ?

    like Retas Pro offer this feature .
    i can make this by using after effect and toon boom animate together .

  6. @SoSo
    animate and after effects? this is the way i’d like to go, too.
    i’m quite familiar with AE but i’m trying to learn animate, so i’m concentrating just on animate for now. but how do you use both tools together?
    do you animate your characters in animate, export them as image-sequences and do the whole compositing of the scenes, the camera, effects and the rendering in after effects? it would be very nice if you could export your whole animate-scene to after effects. like in cinema 4D ...


  7. leBeat -

    yes you are absolutely right.
    i work as same steps you have mention .after effect has powerful effects and functions and particle effect (Man you know after effect )you merge between two beasts.what i can say this is best work flow i have ever seen (before toon boom animate used the combination of flash and after effect )because if you stuck with one program you 'll be limited (you should know the power of the program from A to Z to be sure what the result will you get at the end.

    sorry for my poor English

  8. "SoSo - re: rotating the camera on Y-Axis... well, I guess it doesn't make sense to do so because the drawings are essentially "flat"..."

    This might be coming sooner than expected !


  9. Wow, Lili and Eddie.. you guys are doing a fantastic job with Toonboom Animate// Looks like Im gonna have a dig at it this weekend, cause I see potential

    On the darker side of life, have you guys also tried http://www.screentoaster.com. free screen cap software .. doesn't install stuff on your machine .. worth a shot.



  10. Hi Ajay! Good to see you here.
    Re: screentoaster - I tried this and it's an awesome concept. However, I found that the vision and audio did not sync up in the final video... which makes it kinda useless for demo-ing LipSync animation...