Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Animate and Text

While I really enjoy creating backgrounds in Animate, one inconvenience is the absence of text. For the background below I had to actually create the text in Flash and then import into Animate as a .swf

[click on pic to see it bigger]

One drawback was that the text needed to be broken apart in Flash so it would import properly (un-broken text sometimes wouldn't import at all, and on other occasions Animate would assign a different layer to each letter when imported!). Another option would be to create, and then import a .PSD file from Photoshop.

Anyone else got any preferred methods when working with text in Animate?


  1. That was something I've noticed too. No text? Come on.

  2. It is surprising, considering there is a text option in Storyboard pro.

  3. photoshop-> Restarize text then export! Easy solution. :D

  4. Easy if you have Photoshop or Flash...

    It does take away from Animate being an 'all in one' animation package