Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mac or PC?

We don't really care about the "which OS is better" debate. Our question is specific to Toonboom animators.

To Toonboomers who have worked on both MACs and PCs: Have you found any differences in performance?
Does Toonboom perform better in one OS over the other? Or is there no difference?

To PC-users with Windows Vista 64-bit (Toonboom isn't fully compliant with 64-bit) - have you noticed any serious performance issues? Any significant difference when working in Windows XP Compatability Mode?


  1. the program has some issues with windos vista, somehow it close avery sometime,in XP is very stable, here in the studio we had some macs with animate and running fine i thinkthere are no diference in mac or pc at the moment.

    Btw im a little angry couse in the studio we buy some licences of animate to work with, but in my home i instaled the personal edition to practice, i make some turnarrounds, but when i try to open in a registred program i cant open it, talking with the guys of toon boom they say that they are sorry but the personal edition are ncompatiblwith the registreone and i had to do it all again in the registred version i lost about a week of work.
    hope nobody has the same situation is very frustrating

  2. Hi oscar, thanks, this is good to know. I have problems on Vista but Eddie is on XP and he is doing OK. We're wondering if we buy another computer if we should either downgrade to XP, or get a Mac...

    We have never used the Personal Edition but it's good that you are sharing this so other users will be aware that it is not compatible with the Registered version. What a pain though! Sorry you lost work.

  3. Well, this is logical that the Personal Learning Edition is incompatible : Its free and unlimited in time. Other software like Maya or Fusion have the same limitation. Those limitations are explained when you download the software.

  4. Anonymous - Thanks for commenting. The free software that i am used to usually requires a license/registration key. Once this is purchased and entered, the trial software becomes fully functional... But then again I have never used free trial versions of Toonboom or Maya or Fusion...

  5. will the performance on xp is great on vista crashes if i used alot of layers and painting .

    but i have serioues problem i didn't find solution to it yet even post 2 problems at toon boom Animate support community and no answer so please check this out;action=display;threadid=863


  6. Hi - I looked at your question and attempted to do what you did with morphing. It worked for me. I will respond on the forum.

  7. thank you for your fast respond (Don't know what the use of the Support )
    no one reply !!

    i have bad luck won't work for me .the full reply on the forum . thank you again .

  8. I know, old topic but...

    On wich is Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 better? Mac or Windows? I want to use Toon Boom but I have to buy a computer first. So please advise, Mac or Windows.


  9. Hi P

    We are still using Animate (as opposed to Animate Pro. As Lili said in the comments, she has had trouble using Animate with Vista, as have other people. On the other hand, I use Vista and it is ok with my system.

    Unlike Flash, Animate does work as well - if not better - on a Mac, according to Toon Boom. So basically the choice is yours.

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