Monday, May 18, 2009

More on Animate Backgrounds

Here's a screengrab of my BG in the CAMERA VIEW before rendering; pretty crappy looking huh? Yep, no Annie awards for me...

Here is the same BG in RENDER view, where you can see the actual effects on the various layers


  1. For some reason I'm not able to see the enlarged rendered screen cap. However, the layered view is pretty clear, and the results, from your previous post, is amazing.

  2. Yes that was weird - I've uploaded another pic of the rendered BG

  3. :-)
    again thanks for sharing.

  4. could you upload it again please it is amazing
    i need little help i dont know how to use Color Override effect the user guide didn't explain how to use it in detatil ,i have search in the net either no one knows how to use this effect !!

  5. That's such an amazing effect from such simple patterns, but it's still not enlarging. Still, very cool though.

  6. please upload video tutorial for morphing in toon boom animate pro am not getting how to use layers in morphing view tool, i tried in PDF am not getting understand