Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another advantage of having Drawing & Camera views side by side

This is a sketch I'm doing just for fun. (The girls from UFO!) It's not finished... I took a screengrab.

As you can see, I can zoom in and out in the Drawing View to do my details or to paint, and at the same time - the Camera View stays the same such that I can always refer to the "bigger picture" while I draw. I can also alter my Camera View (hand tool, or zoom tool) without affecting my Drawing View. I think this is pretty cool.

In the timeline, my imported jpegs (for reference) are represented by the blue frames. Their layers are hidden right now. When I want to look at them, I disable my Drawing layers, and enable those Jpeg layers, which then show up in my Camera View on the right side.

BTW, I sketched using the Brush tool (Anti-Aliasing disabled in Open GL properties) with Tool Properties set to so that the color is added under my black brushstrokes.

I love this new Workspace! =)