Friday, April 16, 2010

The Invert Matte: My New Best Friend!

One great feature the Glow and Shadow effects in Animate possess, is the INVERT MATTE option. I've been using it in a couple of different ways...

Frame with regular Glow effect

The same frame below, with a new Glow effect layer and Invert Matte ticked. It's great for explosions!
Below - and again with the color values changed
The effect can also be used to blend a character with it's background color...

Below is a frame with the Invert Matte Shadow layer beneath the character in the timeline. Only the background is affected

And below the same frame with the Invert Matte layer above the character layer. See how it blends both the character and the background with the same color values?

Just an overview to show what is possible...Email me for a step by step walk through!


  1. The possibilities with doing this are so endless. I am thinking you even enhance this effect with the particles effect.

    "Email me for a step by step walk through!"

    How can I email you Eddie?

  2. So cool, love this! And I'm so happy that with your super-busy life you've found time to share some new stuff with us :)

  3. I second that notion. There are so many professionals out there who know this program inside and out but I guess do not have the time to share that knowledge with us. I really respect you guys for doing so.