Sunday, July 31, 2011

ANIMATE as a compositing program!

It didn't take long for Animate to become my animation program of choice. But recently I had the need to work in Flash once again due to the character reference I was provided being in .eps format.
The problem with Flash for me is that (a) there is no camera, so the pans and camera moves can be jerky, (b) the effects don't export reliably and (c) exporting as a high quality Quicktime is impossible.
So following on from the previous post, I exported my animation as .swfs (Don't forget to set your version to Flash 4 or 5 in the swf export pop-up) and then imported them into Animate where I applied effects and camera moves.
The only restriction I can see is that any tints you my use in Flash won't be there when the swf has been imported into animate.

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